pool fencing

Pool Installation Handy Hints
Use as a guide only always check with your licenced certifier for confirmation

No more than 100mm gap under all panels and gates
All gates must open away from the water
Pool hinges must be 900mm from top of bottom hinge to top of top hinge
Pool Latch must be 1500mm from the ground
All climbable items inside the fence line (taps,bolts,plants etc.) must be a minimum 300mm away from the pool fence
All climbable items outside the fence line (taps,bolts,plants etc.) must be a minimum 900mm away from the pool fence
Global fencing is a Brisbane based manufacturer of aluminium fence products. We produce all the popular styles of panels in our onsite factory. We offer the full range of special designed panels to accommodate raked (slope of your land) or retaining wall obstructions that the chain stores can not manufacture.

All panels are manufactured on our site so we can guarantee quality and have our panels tested independently by a N.A.T.A certified facility to Australian Standards AS1926.1. All pool panels and gates come with the new required Government Form 15 for certification.

Global Fencing manufacturers all our panels with 6005 alloy for extra strength. (6005 alloy is used to manufacture motor vehicle bull bars) With 5 welds per vertical baluster and centre drilled horizontal rails, we believe our panels will put the pool owners mind at ease.

Our standard panels are 1200x2475 in size, up to 100mm longer then the cheap imported chain store panels.

Priced at $82 PER panel (2475mm) you are supporting a local manufacturing and still saving dollars on the imported panels. e.g. 10 metres of panels = 4 panels from us but you would require 5 from the Chain Stores, LESS panels, LESS posts and LESS fixing brackets so in the end savings pasted back to the home owner.

Global Fencing believes in the old adage "quality products at reasonable pricing." As a local family run company we believe that satisfied customers are the best recommendation we can receive.